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What is the Golden Square?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Local is Golden. Local is authentic. Local is the way forward.

In keeping with this philosophy, b.labs has developed "the Golden Square" - a group of interconnected, socially conscious companies that collaborate to improve communities and the lives of our most precious members - children. Currently, 4 of the b.labs ventures form the cornerstone of The Golden Square - Basement Sports, Kidcoin, Blend FC and Timebug.

Think about the Golden Square as the block where you would most want to grow up and have your children raised; a block that gives them the chance to learn essential life skills and core values like respect, teamwork, delayed gratification, humility, and hard work.

At a time when the world is going haywire and many are not sure who to trust, building organizations and networks from the ground up - with a holistic community and family focus - is both a winning formula and the right thing to do.

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