A Quantified Collective, Personal Intelligence Platform

Timebug is a crowdsourced database of human time, both present and historical, that provides an open architecture foundation – with accessible APIs – for the development of a multitude of motivational, time management, Quantified Self, project management and social sciences applications.

Timebug apps answer the questions of – A) How people spend their time, and B) How long things take to get done. Apps help individuals achieve their goals via the Principal of Time Mastery, and also gets groups synchronized through the Principal of Time Harmony.

The company is showcasing this dynamic platform through the creation of several flagship applications, that will seed the ecosystem, including the following:

Cocobug Trip Planner – Synching Up on Family Trips
Timebug PI (Personal Intelligence)
WikiTime or Quantcollect
20/20 Life Vision – A 30-Day Life Challenge
Venture Vision – For Businesses/Entrepreneurs
CEO of Me – Mentorship and Support System
Notech 50