The Advocator



A Political Change
Crowdfunding Platform

The Advocator is a crowdfunding platform for hiring lobbyists and/or forming PACs to change local and national legislation around key issues. The website enables coalitions to fund qualified PACs and lobbyists, who bid for jobs and have to be accountable to user reviews and ratings that are transparently displayed on their profiles.

The Advocator Co-Founders are Darlene Richeson, a Washington D.C. based lobbyist with years of domain experience, and David Richeson, a seasoned marketing and PR professional who has access to major media outlets that often cover innovative new ventures.

b.labs is currently heading up the platform development, which is expected to launch in Q4-2016, right in time for the political buzz surrounding the Presidential election and inauguration. Key features of the platform include:FOR CITIZENS

  • Start Coalitions for State or National Issues
  • Solicit Crowdfunding for Coalitions
  • Select and Evaluate Lobbyists
  • Form and Fund Political Action Committees (PACs)


  • Create Professional Profiles
  • Bid for Jobs
  • Report Progress on Active Projects
  • Receive Payments from Coalitions