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Kidcoin is the future of smart money management, for kids and families.  A feature rich, social app enables parents to create logic around allowances, gift giving and rewards for their children, while kids as young as 5 years old get to set up wish lists, goals and earn Micros (= Micro Scholarships) from vetted sponsors.

Kidcoin is a wholly owned subsidiary of b.labs, and highlights the b.labs ethos of solving societal challenges through disruptive technology and paradigm shifting ideas.  To solve lingering problems, we have to think differently, and do things differently than those that came before us.  Kidcoin is an education, tech and social finance company.  We believe that good financial habits require a team approach ("It takes a village..."), especially for youth.


In the future, Kidcoin plans to add connectivity to banking and cryptocurrency tools, much the way current fintech giants - Coinbase, Cash App and Venmo/Paypal are doing.  But for now, Kidcoin focuses on the core values of developing Financial Capability or Literacy, through a form of ‘funny money’ or rewards points that are managed by parents on behalf of their kids.

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