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Timebug 3.0 Released! Quantified Self App syncs up Motivation, Goal Setting and Time Management

Timebug, a b.labs venture, has crossed a major threshold. With 3 decades of research and development invested and based on the highest possible science of personal growth, Timebug 3.0 is finally available in app stores with a host of new features that help users stay accountable to individual and group goals.

Free of charge, Timebug is an interactive productivity app that guides users through a journey of self-discovery via user-friendly goal-setting, vision creation, meditation, journaling and time management modules. Prompting users to take 100% responsibility as the CEOs of their own lives, Timebug offers a Board of Advisors feature across core life categories – relationships, career, money and health – allowing others to peek in on user progress and offer a gentle bump when needed. Distilling life’s big questions down to the granular level of what we need to do today is the app’s unique value proposition.

“Think of Timebug as a Life GPS that ties everything together,” says Arman Rousta, the product’s inventor. “It helps you get clear about where you want to go, then set the coordinates, make your plans – and then get after it. Life is a journey and we need guidance along the way. While that ultimately has to come from within, we benefit greatly from effective frameworks, inspiration and tools to help us carry out our purpose.”

Version 1.0—the product’s original inspiration—came in the form of index cards that Rousta started using in his college days back at Columbia University. As a Division-1 Student-Athlete, he constantly strived to sustain a healthy balance between all life areas while prioritizing many goals into his schedule. He would make simple lists, then use underscores to denote 30-minute blocks based on how much time he planned to spend in the given day on the noted projects, which included school work, his sports (soccer) schedule and social life.

Version 2.0 evolved into a now infamous Excel spreadsheet, which is ultra-detailed and wherein he maps out all 8,760 hours of each given year across what he coined “Timebugs”, or capsules of time within certain activities are prioritized - such as his Exercise Bug, Sleep Bug, Meditation Bug, etc. From this approach, the idea of the Timebug app emerged, which has been developed over the past decade with a group of talented designers and developers from Blueliner, a two-decade old startup consulting agency in New York.

In the near future, the company plans to launch web, watch and ipad-compatible versions of the app. They also plan to open a Creator Marketplace, whereby personal coaches, trainers and other leaders can offer up their own Timebugs and Challenges, on both free and paid programs, essentially utilizing the app as their Content and Customer Relationship Management System for both existing, and to attract new, clientele.

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